Blocks & Bricks….

Concrete Blocks; 42 block
4″  Tarmac Dense Solids
6″ Tarmac Dense Solids
9″ Tarmac Dense Hollows
6″ Hollows – Available to order
4″ Tarmac Thermal Toplites
4″ Tarmac Hemelite 3.6N Klinker
 4 toplites
Bricks; red engerring
– Concrete Commons
– Class B Red Engineering Bricks (65mm & 73mm)
– Blue Engineering Bricks ~(Perf & Solid)
– H1 Baggeridge  Seconds
We offer a brick match service for all extensions, new builds, or any requirements you need. The match is done on site, at your earliest convenience. We will also work out how many bricks needed, when given the dimensions of your project.  
Give us a ring, and lets make your life easier!Tarmac