B3182_250294_00Mastercrete Cement 25kg

An enhanced cement, supplied in weather resistant plastic packaging. Mastercrete is an enhanced Portland- limestone cement conforming fully to BS EN 197-1 CEM II/A-L (or LL) 32,5R. It has the following benefits compared with ordinary Portland cement:

  • Enhanced resistance to freeze/thaw attack.
  • Lower water demand.
  • A more cohesive mix.
  • Less tendency for water to segregate and bleed.

Mastercrete is a quality assured cement with independent third party certification and carries a CE mark.

Postcrete 20kgB3182_519476_00

A ready-to-use blend of selected sand, cement and additives formulated for fixing wooden, concrete and metal posts. Uses;

  • Postcrete is simply added to water when it has been poured in the fence post hole.
  • It is suitable for fixing wood, metal and concrete posts.
  • The 20kg plastic bags are tear and weather resistant.

General Purpose Cement 25kg

A CEM II Portland-composite cement suitable for most general purpose applications.B3182_846581_00 General Purpose Cement is a quality-assured BS EN 197-1 CEM II cement, based on Portland cement clinker with independent third party certification and carries CE marking.

Extra Rapid Cement 25kg

A Portland cement containing calcium aluminate to give rapid hardeB3182_847023_00ning and setting properties: For repair and maintenance where rapid hardening is required, eg, fence posts, setting manholes, repairs to paths and steps. Suitable for concrete, mortar, rendering and floor screeds. It takes foot traffic in 4-6 hours and vehicular traffic in 8-12 hours.

Mortar Mix 20kg,

Mortar Mix is a Designation III, premixed, quality assured mortar cB3182_511572_00omprising cement, specially graded sand, lime and admixtures. Mortar Mix provides a weather resistant and durable mortar which is suitable for most brick and block applications.

High Strength Concrete 40N

Lafarge High Strength Concrete (40N) is a pHigh-Strength-Bagremixed strong and hardwearing concrete manufactured from cement and specially selected graded sand alongside a  10mm coarse aggregate.

When used correctly it will typically achieve a 28-day compressive strength of 40 N/mm2. General Information; Lafarge High Strength Concrete (40N) is suitable for concrete bases, drives, paths, garage floors, structural concrete, footings & foundations and fixing security fences. It also can be used for traffic signs and bollards.