At Hangar 4 we stock all the things you need when designing and improving the look of your garden!

Our durable, high-quality and competitively priced products include:

  • A large selection of fence panels and accessories
  • Decking, available in anti slip lengths too!
  • Sleepers
  • Fencing
  • Membrane
  • Trellis
  • Paving
  • Cladding
  • Netting
  • Metal and Wooden Gates
  • Planters
  • Arches

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We chose Severn Trent Valley Wood works as our supplier of decking, ship lap, log lap and stock wall purely because their attention to detail is second to none. Alongside this, their timber is all treated with Tanalith E, sourced responsibly.

New: Treated TG+V boarding

We are now happy to announce that we have added a new product to our timber range.

It is an exterior use tongue and grove flooring with v – shaped joints. The benefits of this is that it hides the joints when clicked together and creates a firm joint.

Timber Decking

Our kiln dried decking is pressure treated green and made to a very high quality. The boards measure 120mm wide, 28mm thick and usually 3.9m long. We keep our decking under cover so that it is dry and unwarped , you dont have to pick through it, no warped or faded pieces, every bit as good as the last.

To complement the range we also keep baserail/handrail, spindles, fillet and newel posts. in fact everything you need to complete the job including the timber joists, postcrete and decking screws.

Shiplap Boarding

Our ship lap is kiln dried, pressure treated green usually 3.9 m long. Which overall coverage of 112 mm. Our ship lap is stored in doors inside the hangar to avoid it warping with the sunlight and keeping it dry at the same time. Ship lap is a cost effective board with a multitude of  uses.

Loglap Boarding

Our loglap is pressure treated green and usually 4. 2m long, each board gives 112 mm cover and gives an excellent finish to your project. Loglap is thicker than shiplap and also requires more machining in the timber yard so is therefore more expensive but when in place, it looks the business.


Stock wall is a fantastic product, pressure treated green and tongue and grooved. This board is 50 mm thick and usually 3.6 m long. It can be used for a variety of uses including log cabins, heavy sheds, stock wall in between girders and retaining walls. It’s one of those products that once you see it you just want to find a use for it – a bit of a bloke thing we think!

Grange Products

Grange use only the highest quality materials available and great care is taken to select the most suitable and environmentally acceptable timber for all of our products.

Grange has a policy to protect the environment wherever they operate or source materials.

We are pledged to purchase an increasing proportion of our timber from forests environmentally well managed according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Standards. Furthermore, in 2004 all pressure treatment processes were changed to arsenic-free and as from 2006 we switched to Wolman CX8 preservative.

We guarantee all pressure impregnated products (such as posts) for a minimum of 15 years against rot. This guarantee also applies to non-pressure impregnated products (such as panels and trellis) that are isolated from the ground by a timber or concrete gravel board. Should any product prove faulty, we will re-supply the same free of charge.

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We carry a large stock of panels and gates, the products below are normally in stock :

cache_2435773113The Elite St Meloir panel features a diamond trellis section and is available in 1.8m and 1.05m heights, all panels are 1.8m wide and pressure treated green

cache_2435773118The Elite Eyecatcher panel is 1.8m high and 1.8m wide, pressure treated green, works well with the Elite St Carne dome panel to create a scalloped effect

cache_2435773122The Elite St Carne dome panel 1.8m high 1.8m wide, pressure treated green

cache_2435773125The Gawsworth panel is 1.8m wide .9m high pressure treated green. dome top framed panel with matching gate available

cache_2435773128The Weston Closeboard Panel, pressure treated green, available in .9m,1.2m,1.5m,1.8m heights and 1.83m wide

cache_2435773145The Elite St Servan panel with diamond trellis section, 1.8m high 1.8m wide, pressure treated green

cache_2435773154The Professional lap panel is available in .9m,1.2m,1.5m,1.8m height and 1.83m wide, pressure treated green

cache_2435773160The Round Top Palisade panel is available in 1.8m wide and .9m or 1.2m tall, pressure treated green

cache_2435773177Traditional Square Trellis is available in 1.83m widths and .32m,.61m,.9m and 1.83m heights, pressure treated green

cache_2435773184The Elite Lattice Trellis is available in 1.8m widths and .3m,.6m,.9m,1.2m and 1.8m heights, pressure treated green

cache_2435773294Heavy duty fan trellis is available in 2 sizes, .9m x 1.8m and .61m x 1.097m, available only in dipped golden brown colour

cache_2435773300The Domed Ledged and Braced path gate is .9m wide and 1.05m high. pressure treated green the gate is braced to hang from either side

cache_2435773303The Elite St Meloir Gate is ideal to match the same panels . pressure treated green the gate comes in 2 sizes, .9m wide and 1.8m tall or .9m wide and .985m tall

cache_2435773308The Elite Chevron Gate complements the St Lunair and the St Servan panels, pressure treated green the gate is .9m wide and 1.8m tall

cache_2435773363The Arched Feather edge gate is pressure treated green and .9m wide 1.85m tall

cache_2435773383The Pale Gate is available in 2 sizes .9m wide 1.8m tall and .9m wide .9m tall. pressure treated green

cache_2435773397Round Top Palisade gate, pressure treated green .9m wide .9m tall

cache_2435773435The Solid Infill Path Gate is braced to hang from both sides, pressure treated green .9m wide .9m high

cache_2435773467The tongue and grooved ledged and braced gate is made of planed timber pressure treated green, .9m wide and 1.8m high

cache_2435773314The Gawsworth is braced to hang from either side, pressure treated green, complements the gawsworth panels . .9m wide .9m high

cache_2435773326The Closeboard Gate is available in dipped golden brown .9m wide and 1.81m high