ethan mason


We stock a leading brand of slabs from Ethan Mason. They produce high quality slabs and cobbles but at a very reasonable price. They offer a great range of colours, shapes and sizes.

We keep in stock 7 different colours of their patio packs with contain 15.6m2. They are varied in size per pack split between the following sizes: 900mmx600mm, 600mmx600mm, 600mmx300mm and 300mmx300mm.

In stock we keep; Raj Green, Ghurda Buff, Fossil Mint, Sagar Black, Silver Grey. These are all made from natural sandstone. W also keep black and yellow in limestone.

‘Ethan Mason is where paving meets perfection’

Follow the link to find the amazing range that they can offer:

Peak Smooth slabs in stock are either grey or buff in sizes 450mm x 450mm

We stock the amazing Fastpoint from Stonemarket. The brush in pointing that can be used in the wet and any left over product can be saved for the next job when immersed in water. When used, you should completely cover all the slabs and joints in water, before applying the product. Available in either stone grey, black and buff.

We also stock some of bradstone’s range of products, with their full range available to order. Please see below for the ranges that we keep in stock

Decorative Aggregates

We stock bulk bags and small bags of:

  • 10mm Golden Gravel
  • 20mm Golden Gravel
  • Silver Pink
  • Mellow Cotswold
  • Moonstone
  • Derbyshire Buff
  • 10mm Limestone
  • Plum Slate
  • Green Slate
  • 10mm pea gravel
  • 20mm pea gravel

Bulk bags of – 40mm Plum Slate

Reclaimed Cobbles

We have a sample pad of reclaimed cobbles in stock that can be ordered and delivered to site, cobbles are either mixed 3” or 4” wide or you can choose to have all one width. Cobble lengths and depths are variable but as you can see look fab when fitted correctly.

Concrete Posts

We sell  concrete posts and gravel boards. Concrete posts can be 6ft, 7ft, 8ft or 9ft. Gravel boards can be 12″ smooth or rock face or 6″ smooth.


We stock multi purpose compost, bark, peat and gro-bags from Growise!