Here at Hangar 4 we are continually looking at ways to improve our site to make it better for our customers, both new and old. On this note, we have spent the last few months working tirelessly to succeed in our vision. We have done a number of improvements which we feel has made a massive difference.

To start with we have implemented a new toilet block for more improved customer satisfaction.

We have tarmacked the top of the yard, to improve the cleanliness and re designed the way we display our slabs for a better view to help you decide.

Inside the shop, we have done major improvements including an extension, new flooring and we have re merchandised the products for a better view of what you are looking to purchase.

Please pop by and have a look, the photos below don’t show the full spectrum of the changes we have made!!

shop shop1 shop2 shop3


We now stock a brand new range of lights fromLuceco, a premium product with a lower end price tag. Please see the link below for the Luceco website where you can find a wide range of products to suit your needs. We carry in stock a variety of LED outside lights, with and without PIR sensor.

Introducing the new Solar Panel LED PIR sensor! Ideal for the house or work place where electricity is unavailable!



Brand New Scruffs Work wear selection!


We now have a wide range of Scruffs work wear in stock to suit all different aspects of the building industry. They are all made to a very high quality but sold at affordable prices. We now stock a range of work jackets, t shirts, trousers and shorts.


Please visit the scruffs website below to find out any products you would like to order.

A new and exciting screw!

The new Wirox screw from spax comes with 15 years anti corrosion elements. The new torx head prevents the head from wearing out during fitting. Priced at the same price as the normal pozi yellow they are a must have for anyone!

In relation to stainless steel screws, they sit midway between stainless and yellow zinc plated but at a fraction on the price of stainless screws! Its a no-brainer!  spax

Safety boots:

We have a vast range of safety boots in stock, including Buckler and Dickies. The ranges that we stock are varied to meet all the demands of any job situation.

We now also carry a range of trainer boots for when them summer months come back!

Stihl TS410

We now stock the Stihl TS410 which is one of the best Stihl saws you can buy. Priced at a very competitive £515 plus vat, it is a must have for any builder/landscaper.


Artificial Grass

We now supply three different lengths of artificial grass At 35 mm, 25 mm and 18 mm!
Along with the glue and jointing tape, Artificial grass is a must have for the garden!
Free samples are available, pop by and have a look!
Adam has recently installed this at his house, take a look and see what you think!

New Sika:

we now stock the new sika viscobond and the concentrated mortar plasticiser!

Belle Mixers

We now stock the belle minimix 150 cement mixer!

Sadolin Wood

We stock a range of salodin wood protection and stains. Click the pictures to go to the website!