Range Of Cements

Mastercrete Cement 25kg

An enhanced cement, supplied in weather resistant plastic packaging.
Mastercrete is an enhanced Portland- limestone cement conforming fully to BS EN 197-1 CEM II/A-L (or LL) 32,5R.
It has the following benefits compared with ordinary Portland cement:

  • Enhanced resistance to freeze/thaw attack.
  • Lower water demand.
  • A more cohesive mix.
  • Less tendency for water to segregate and bleed.

Mastercrete is a quality assured cement with independent third party certification and carries a CE mark.

Postcrete 20kg

A ready-to-use blend of selected sand, cement and additives formulated for fixing wooden, concrete and metal posts.

  • Postcrete is simply added to water when it has been poured in the fence post hole.
  • It is suitable for fixing wood, metal and concrete posts.
  • The 20kg plastic bags are tear and weather resistant.

Extra Rapid Cement 25kg

A Portland cement containing calcium aluminate to give rapid hardening and setting properties:
For repair and maintenance where rapid hardening is required, eg, fence posts, setting manholes, repairs to paths and steps.
Suitable for concrete, mortar, rendering and floor screeds.
It takes foot traffic in 4-6 hours and vehicular traffic in 8-12 hours.

Mortar Mix 20kg,

Mortar Mix is a Designation III, premixed, quality assured mortar comprising cement, specially graded sand, lime and admixtures.
Mortar Mix provides a weather resistant and durable mortar which is suitable for most brick and block applications.

High Strength Concrete 40N

Lafarge High Strength Concrete (40N) is a premixed strong and hardwearing concrete manufactured from cement and specially selected graded sand alongside a  10mm coarse aggregate. When used correctly it will typically achieve a 28-day compressive strength of 40 N/mm2.
General Information;
Lafarge High Strength Concrete (40N) is suitable for concrete bases, drives, paths, garage floors, structural concrete, footings & foundations and fixing security fences. It also can be used for traffic signs and bollards.

General Purpose Cement 25kg

A CEM II Portland-composite cement suitable for most general purpose applications.
General Purpose Cement is a quality-assured BS EN 197-1 CEM II cement, based on Portland cement clinker with independent third party certification and carries CE marking

Bricks and Blocks

Our range of concrete blocks now includes:

  • Ultra light klinkers
  • Tarmac Toplites thermal blocks (100 mm Standards and 300 mm trench)
  • 4″ Solids, 6″ Solids, 9″ Hollows (6″ Hollows are available to order next day)
  • Blue engineering brickconcrete_common_1
  • Red engineering bricks
  • Concrete commons

Direct to site loads are also available on all of the above.

We offer a site visit to help match your brick choice class-b-engineering-brick-smooth-red-b101-ff6with samples available within 2 days.

The most common bricks for around Ashbourne are kept in stock, with all other bricks from leading suppliers available to order.


We stock a wide range of concrete and metal lintels. We keep the steel lintels to suit 100 mm cavity with sizes from 900 mm to 2700 mm. Alongside this, we carry a range of L Shaped tray lintels from 900 mm – 3000 mm. Our comprehensive range of concrete lintels are designed to meet all the different building requirements.

4″ x 3″ 900 mm – 2100 mm

6″ x 4″ 1800- 2400 mm

Any special order lintels which you request are in branch in as little as 5 days.

Roofing Materials

Our range of roofing materials will meet and supply the demands of the ever growing building industry. We can now supply you with all the materials you will require, from timber rafters, felt, laths, tiles, soffits and fascias. Trusses are available to order. To compliment any roofing job, we now stock a range of Velux windows, with the option of Fakro roof lights to be ordered.

Our tile range in stock is limited, but the possibilities are endless. We keep Marley Eternit, Marley modern, rosemary, Staffordshire blues and concrete smooth grey.

Our roof felt varies from breathable to non breathable in 1.5 m x 50 m sized rolls. Alongside this, we also keep the good old green mineral felt (10 m x 1 m)  in two different qualities to suit all shed roofs (25 kg and 35 kg).


Our insulation range includes :

Loft Roll -100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm

PIR wall insulation, 8’x4′ sheets in – 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm. (Special sizes are available to order with a 2 day lead time)





Give us a call and speak to a member of our friendly staff to find out what other options we can supply, with direct to site loads readily available.


In our aggregates section the possibilities are endless with a wide range of decorative and building aggregates. We keep a wide range of pre – packed products accompanied alongside bulk bags.

Red sand

Yellow sand

Washed sand

Ballast – 10mm and 20mm

Plastering Sand

Type 1 – 40mm – dust

20mm Pea Gravel

10mm Pea Gravel



VELUX Windows

VELUX has supplied high-quality roof windows for over 60 years. With product features that are second-to-none, you’ll enjoy the ideal combination of lots of daylight, fresh air and a clear view – creating the perfect environment for your home



We keep a wide range of plastering materials to meet any job specification. Plasterboards and finishes are also available in direct to site loads.

Our board range includes;

  • 8’x4′ – 12.5mm thickness
  • 6’x3′ – 9mm or 12.5mm thickness
  • 4’x3′ – 9mm thickness
  • Thermal Board – 27mm
  • Thermal Board – 55mm
  • Moisture resistant plasterboard – 8’x4′
  • Fireline Boards 8’x4′ & 6’x3′

Our Finish is British Gypsum, the market leader

  • Board finish
  • Multi finish
  • Bonding coat
  • Hardwall
  • Dry wall adhesive

Loft Ladders

Click on the logo above to see the youtube video of the Fakro LWK Comfort loft ladder.. Awesome

Fakro aim to supply the highest quality products to satisfy the requirements of their customers all over the world. So, they place the highest priority on health and safety, security and the environmental impact of their products.

We stock the LWK Comfort ladder. we think its the best one around

Building Additives & Sealants 

We have the widest range of products from Sika Limited in the area, including damp proofing slurry, liquid admixtures, cement colours, water seals, concrete remover, patio seal, wood preservatives, adhesives, sealants and fillers.
Couple this with the other well known brands of products that we have added to our range including Gripfill and Pinkgrip and you have an all round range, something for every job.