Roofing Materials;

roof joistsRoof Joists;

-3.6m 70mm x 45mm (3×2)
-4.8m 70mm x 45mm (3×2)
- 3.6m 95mm x 45mm (4×2)
- 4.8m 95mm x 45mm (4×2)
- 4.8m 120mm x 45mm (5×2)
- 3.6m 145mm x 45mm (6×2)
- 4.8m 145mm x 45mm (6×2)
- 3.6m 170mm x 45mm  (7×2)
- 4.8m 170mm x 45mm (7×2)
-5.4m 195mm x 70mm (8×2)
-4.8m 195mm x 45mm(8×2)
- 3.6m 195mm x45mm (8×2)c16 timber
- 4.8m 220mm x 45mm (9×2)


Felts & Tiles;

To compliment all our other products, we have a the last few bits and bobs needed to complete the job. All in stock in plentiful amounts!staff blue
- Shed felt (10mx1m) in two different qualities – 38kg and 23kg.
- Breathable Roof felt (1mx50m / 1.5mx50m)
-  Eternit Staff Blue Tiles
- Eternit Staff Blue Tile & Halves
-  Eternit Staff Blue Eaves Tiles
- Eternit Staff Blue Half Round Ridges
- Redland Smooth Grey Tiles
- Marley Modern Smooth Grey
- Redland Rosemary Tile
- Marley Concrete Smooth Greybreath felt
- Tile VENTS to Suit Staff Blue Tiles
- Haddon Slate tiles (50 x 25)


The largest Roof window supplier on the market. With a massive array of windows to chose from Velux are the number one supplier.
In stock we keep a few of the most common sizes with the flashing kits to suit, however their broad spectrum are available within 2 days.  Use the link below to view their website;
velux window